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Galvanized steel plate is a welded steel plate with hot-dip or electro galvanized coating on the surface. It is generally widely used in construction, household appliances, vehicles and ships, container manufacturing, electromechanical industry and so on.

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Galvanized steel plate is divided into ordinary electrolytic plate and fingerprint resistant electrolytic plate. Fingerprint resistant plate adds a fingerprint resistant treatment on the basis of ordinary electrolytic plate, which can resist sweat. It is generally used on parts without any treatment, and the brand is secc-n. Ordinary electrolytic plate can be divided into phosphating plate and passivation plate. Phosphating is commonly used. The brand is secc-p, commonly known as P material. Passivation plate can be divided into oiled and non oiled. The quality requirements of excellent grade galvanized sheet include specification and size, surface, galvanized quantity, chemical composition, sheet shape, machine function and packaging.It is divided into two types: galvanized sheet cut into fixed length and rolled galvanized sheet packaging. General iron sheet packaging, lined with moisture-proof paper, tied with iron waist outside, tied firmly, so as to prevent the internal galvanized plates from rubbing against each other.
There are two objectives to weigh the shape of the plate, namely straightness and sickle bending. The flatness of the plate and the maximum allowable value scale of sickle bending are defined. Hot dip galvanized steel plates produced by Chinese manufacturers are mainly used in building materials, light industry, agriculture, transportation and other industries. Due to the limitations of existing hot-dip galvanizing equipment conditions, process technology and raw plate performance, there are few galvanized plates available for automobile manufacturing.Relevant product dimensions (such as the following and) list the recommended dimensions, thickness, length, width and allowable defects of galvanized sheet. In addition, the width and length of the board and the width of the roll can also be determined according to the user's request.General situation: due to different treatment methods in the coating process, the general situation of galvanized sheet is also different, such as the general situation of ordinary zinc flower, fine zinc flower, flat zinc flower, non zinc flower and phosphating treatment. The galvanized sheet and galvanized coil cut into fixed length shall not have defects affecting the use (as shown below), but the coil is allowed to have welding parts and so on.Galvanized quantity scale value: galvanized quantity is a widely adopted and useful method to indicate the thickness of zinc layer of galvanized sheet. There are two types: the same amount of galvanizing on both sides (i.e. equal thickness galvanizing) and the different amount of galvanizing on both sides (i.e. differential thickness galvanizing). The unit of galvanizing quantity is g / m.(1) Tensile test: Generally speaking, as long as the galvanized sheet for layout, drawing and deep drawing has tensile function requirements. (2) Bending experiment: it is an important item to weigh the process function of thin plate. However, the requirements for various types of galvanized sheets are different in different countries. It is generally required that after the galvanized sheet is bent for 180, there shall be no zinc layer left on the outer surface, and there shall be no cracking and fracture on the plate base.The requirements for the chemical composition of galvanized substrate are different in different countries. If Japan does not request, the United States does. Generally, product inspection is not conducted.Galvanizing can effectively prevent steel corrosion and prolong service life. Galvanized steel sheet (0.4 ~ 1.2mm thick) is also known as galvanized iron sheet, commonly known as white iron sheet. Galvanized steel sheet is widely used in construction, vehicles, household appliances, daily necessities and other industries.

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