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Steel plate is a flat steel plate cast with molten steel and pressed after cooling. It is flat and rectangular, which can be directly rolled or cut by wide steel strip. Steel plates are divided according to thickness. Thin steel plates are < 4mm (the thinnest is 0.2mm), medium thick steel plates are 4 ~ 60mm, and extra thick steel plates are 60 ~ 115mm. Steel plate is divided into hot rolling and cold rolling according to rolling.

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The width of the sheet is 500 ~ 1500 mm; The width of the thickness is 600 ~ 3000 mm. Thin plates are divided into ordinary steel, high-quality steel, alloy steel, spring steel, stainless steel, tool steel, heat-resistant steel, bearing steel, silicon steel and industrial pure iron thin plates; According to professional use, there are oil barrel plate, enamel plate, bulletproof plate, etc; According to the surface coating, there are galvanized sheet, tinned sheet, lead plated sheet, plastic composite steel plate, etc. The steel grade of thick steel plate is basically the same as that of thin steel plate. In terms of products, in addition to bridge steel plate, boiler steel plate, automobile manufacturing steel plate, pressure vessel steel plate and multi-layer high-pressure vessel steel plate, some varieties of steel plates such as automobile girder steel plate (2.5 ~ 10mm thick), checkered steel plate (2.5 ~ 8mm thick), stainless steel plate and heat-resistant steel plate are crossed with the same plate. Classification of steel plate (including strip steel): 1. Classification by thickness: (1) thin plate, thickness no more than 3mm (except electrical steel plate) (2) medium plate, thickness 4-20mm (3) thick plate, thickness 20-60mm (4) extra thick plate, thickness more than 60mm. 2. Classification according to production method: (1) hot rolled steel plate (2) cold rolled steel plate. 3. Classification according to surface characteristics: (1) galvanized sheet (hot-dip galvanized sheet and electro galvanized sheet) (2) tinned sheet (3) composite steel plate (4) color coated steel. 4. Classification by use: (1) bridge steel plate (2) boiler steel plate (3) shipbuilding steel plate (4) armor steel plate (5) automobile steel plate (6) roof steel plate (7) structural steel plate (8) electrical steel plate (silicon steel sheet) (9) spring steel plate (10) heat resistant steel plate (11) alloy steel plate (12) others.

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